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PAINESVILLE - People who love their pets consider them part of the family, so many will go out of their way with time and/or money to ensure the best care possible for their companions. Also, busy schedules and special needs pets can make in-home services a bonus, if not a must.

One new business, which offers to bring in-home pet care, is KD Pet Services, owned by Kris Dakis of Painesville. After being laid off from her full-time job, she decided to make her experience as a pet owner/breeder into a full-time business. “I have veterinarian assistant certification out of Scranton, Pa. and a bachelor of science degree from Lake Erie College,” she said. “I am now working on my master’s degree in companion animal behavioral counseling and board certification.” Asked what behavioral counseling was, Dakis said it involved going into a pet’s home to check out the environment of an animal with behavioral issues like inappropriate elimination. This would be done after a veterinarian has ruled out any physical causes for the problems.

Dakis said she has more than 25 years’ experience working with, and caring for animals, including dogs, cats, exotics, small animals and birds. She has worked at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo as a docent, or one who educates the public about exotic animals and how to care for them. She has also volunteered for the Humane Society. She has more than 10 years’ experience in grooming pets for shows too, her personal favorites being Persian cats, which she also breeds. She currently has 11 Persians and two shorthairs herself, and has had numerous grand champions through the years.

Besides grooming her own cats, she said people who purchased kittens from her have come back and asked her to groom their cats when they were dissatisfied with their groomers.

KD is offering clients a number of other services for their pets, including pet sitting, dog walking, doggie clean-up, nail trims, administration of medication, small dog bathing and pet transportation. Home maintenance services are also available and include changing and disinfecting litter boxes and other services like bringing in mail or newspapers, taking out garbage, watering plants and other similar duties.

One special service she provides is her new puppy/kitten program. “I have information packets for new pet owners and I help do set-ups for new cats and dogs,” Dakis said. “I will point out what’s not safe (like plants) and where’s a good place for the litter box. I can also advise on things like how to know when the dog wants out by placing a bell at the door. Most dogs just go and stand by the door.”

Asked why some people like to hire a person to come in and watch their pets, she said having someone come into the home could help alleviate a lot of stress for the animal. When she sits, she plays with the animal too. Some people even call to have her come in when they are gone for the day. “If you take an animal and leave it at the vet’s or a kennel, it can pick up fleas or get kennel cough,” Dakis said. “Our goal is to provide our customers with a positive service experience and to help alleviate your, and your companion animal’s stress during times of your absence.”

Pet owners who have the need to pamper their pets with specialty foods and toys can also call KD Pet Services. It is the exclusive area distributor for Dog Lovers Gold Food Premium Pet Food and also carries supplies and products from Our Pets in Fairport Harbor. Dakis will even deliver. “We carry a lot of Our Pets products,” she said. “A lot are behaviorally based and a lot are environmentally based. A lot of (the pet) things
have a purpose.”

One item she brought out was an interactive treat toy. It was a hard rubber, knobbed piece with a hole in it. A treat could be placed in the toy and a dog would have to play with the toy and flip it around for the treat to fall out. She said this was a good toy since dogs get bored.

Another item she showed was a water bottle with a drinking bowl attached so both the owner and the dog could have a drink during walks. For owners who like to give their dogs treats to train them or just for rewards, there is a clip-on treat dispenser, which can be used onehanded. A plastic clip-on bone dispenses plastic bags to be used to pick up doggie doo. Dakis said she can advise on the proper combs to purchase for grooming different breeds. She also has products for different animal ailments, anti-stress formula foods and harnesses to help dogs that have hip problems get up the stairs.

Besides services and products, KD Pet Services also sells pet memorials, markers and boxes for remains.
“(We plan) to keep informed of the best possible delivery of animal care through continuing education in nutrition, general physical wellbeing and behavior,” Dakis said. “We want to keep our customers informed about products and other services that the owner and pet can benefit from, and we want to help the owner and pet enrich their bond.”

Dakis can be reached at (440) 796-7510 or by e-mail at kdpetserve@yahoo.com

PHOTO: Kris Dakis, owner of KD Pet Services in Painesville, holding two of her 11 Persian cats, Grand Champion Moutsie’s Gabriel and Grand Champion Summermajik Dreams (Son & Father).

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